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Make a sandwich! JK, I’ll make myself one…or three

how to make sandwitch

The humble sandwich, most noble and underrated of snacks is going to be the subject of my musings today. Why? Because I love sandwiches! So versatile, so simple to prepare, and if done properly, oh-so-TASTY! And because I’m in a generous mood today (and, quite awesome I might add ) here’s a selection of the most mind-blowingly delicious, orgasm inducing ... Read More »

Starting your own business? Follow these 10 commandments

Starting business

If you don’t want the humdrum of a daily 9-5, and more importantly, want to keep all the profit your hard work generates for yourself, you’re probably starting your own business, right? It can feel like you’re about to scale Everest if this your first attempt, but don’t fret, read my commandments and you’ll know not just what to do, ... Read More »