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Eating across the country

burger and fries

As a young entrepreneur, I’ve done my share of traveling across the country looking for business opportunities. What this has done is given a chance to the foodie in me to taste the local cuisines of different American cities.   Read More »

What every 21 year old should know about investments

smart investments

As a 21 year old, you’ve probably started earning by now, and finally want to try and make sense of investments. Up until now, the only thing you know about investments is it’s that junk the old dudes were always talking about at the parties your parents threw when you were a kid, suddenly sounds a lot more interesting though ... Read More »

5 Training Tips to Advance Your Career


Nobody wants to get stuck in a dead-end job. The possibility of becoming better and achieving more is what keeps us going. Most of us have career goals and want to make a living doing something we enjoy, but that doesn’t come easy. You have to constantly improve and train yourself in order to advance your career. Here are 6 ... Read More »