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Make a sandwich! JK, I’ll make myself one…or three
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Make a sandwich! JK, I’ll make myself one…or three

The humble sandwich, most noble and underrated of snacks is going to be the subject of my musings today. Why? Because I love sandwiches! So versatile, so simple to prepare, and if done properly, oh-so-TASTY! And because I’m in a generous mood today (and, quite awesome I might add :P ) here’s a selection of the most mind-blowingly delicious, orgasm inducing sandwiches I found over the web. I’ve made these myself, and this is a short-list from the hundreds that I tried making. They’re my personal favorites, and as long as you got all your taste buds, you’re gonna love ‘em too. As a special treat, I’m linking you the recipes as well. Don’t complain if you’ve come across them before, because they’re so delicious that word’s spread, and they’re quite popular now.

First off, we have the absolute classic – The California Sandwich. This meal of cheese and veggies goodness is easy to make, and absolutely scrumptious! Here’s the recipe from Saveur. Enjoy!

Next up we have the absurd yet delicious combination of Coffee Bacon Sandwiches from Joy The Baker. What would this list be without a bacon entry eh? As weird as it sounds its bloody brilliant, so try it already!

What now? Why it’s some Cheese and Rib! From our friends over at Bon Appétit, this baby is wild and man, does it fill your stomach.

Following that we have a simple yet delicious French Cheese and Onion Grilled Sandwich. Small on ingredients big on taste, one bite of this bad boy from Portuguese Girl Cooks and vive la France, you’ll cry.

This last one is a bit complicated, but well worth the effort. It’s a party for your palette – The Orange Barbeque and Pork Sandwich. Be vary though, cause you might just start drooling while preparing it, here’s how you do it, courtesy Family Spice.

Typing all that out has got me really hungry now, so I’m gonna go make me one of those (or three), so have fun. Later ‘gators!

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