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What every 21 year old should know about investments

smart investments

As a 21 year old, you’ve probably started earning by now, and finally want to try and make sense of investments. Up until now, the only thing you know about investments is it’s that junk the old dudes were always talking about at the parties your parents threw when you were a kid, suddenly sounds a lot more interesting though ... Read More »

How to take a step into stock markets

Everyone talks about how once you start earning, you should start investing. It’s a great way to make money, no doubt about it, but telling you what to do, and telling you how to do it are two different things right? Stocks is another word that some loosely related uncle will tell you is a good investment option when at ... Read More »

Saving for retirement- making a start

Saving for retirement starts when you start your first job and you collect your first paycheck. It’s as simple as that. But that doesn’t mean you put 1 dollar out of every paycheck into a cookie jar and hope to have enough when you retire. No, there’s an element discipline involved, so that by the time you retire, you have ... Read More »