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5 Training Tips to Advance Your Career

5 Training Tips to Advance Your Career

Nobody wants to get stuck in a dead-end job. The possibility of becoming better and achieving more is what keeps us going. Most of us have career goals and want to make a living doing something we enjoy, but that doesn’t come easy. You have to constantly improve and train yourself in order to advance your career.

Here are 6 tips to ensure that you and your career are always moving forward:

  • Never stop learning

Jobs will come and go, industries will continue to grow and change. In order to keep up with the changes, it’s important to keep learning. Develop and refine your skills, chase new information and continuously educate yourself on matters that affect your field of work.


A desire to keep learning will result in many career opportunities down the line. For example, a medical transcriptionist trained by Career Step can go on to become a health technician or a registered nurse because of their familiarity with healthcare procedures.

  • Don’t just work. Lead!

Often, employees who simply do as they’re told do not get much recognition for their work. In fact, it’s very likely that a boss is more familiar with their worst employees than with the ones who never cause any trouble.

So instead of just doing your daily allotted task, take every chance you get to take the initiative. Offer to plan presentations and office events, volunteer to be part of projects. Eventually, your experiences will grow into the ability to lead, which immediately turns you into an asset.

  • Take risks

Granted, constant learning and taking charge will present its own set of risks. But if your career is to make any forward strides, risks must be taken. Waiting for an opportunity to present itself may waste precious time, so it may be more profitable to DIY – apply for higher positions, ask for a promotion, or accept a daunting job offer. A calculated risk could actually work in your favor and send you down the career path you always wanted.


  • + Add to Contacts

Perhaps it has been said enough, but whether or not you have a job, networking is your ticket to a successful career. Never reject an opportunity to meet new colleagues and peers because a single contact could be the way you get your dream job. A way to ensure you are actively increasing your network of contacts is to attend industry-related conferences/seminars, company events and even parties.


  • Plan your next move

When you set a new career goal, it encourages you to work towards it. Do you want a raise? Propose a new project? Start your own business? Once you have decided your next career move, you will take steps to make it happen and automatically push your career forward.

It can become very easy to stay as we are and simply imagine a more fulfilling career. What actually makes it a reality is constantly pursuing knowledge, taking initiatives, building a wider network and planning the next step. And never forget that taking the occasional risk is necessary if you want to keep your career moving forward.

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