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About me

Born with the T-Chromosome and a heavy accent, I’m a true Texan by heart. The people who know me inside out reckon I’m a potpourri of wit, humor and strong will – traits that are hard to come by, don’t you think?

Apart from saying good things about myself, I speak my mind through the content that I write. And I love fiddling with subjects that I’ve studied and observed over the last decade of my professional and personal life.

From discussing personal finance and investment to showing the beacon for individuals struggling with career-related decisions, I’m the person you come to when things get complicated!

To be honest, I am what they call a “finance” nerd. Having seen the fickle world of business and finance at close quarters and having struggled to find sound career advice at a young age, I’ve learnt my lessons the hard way. But I’m here to make it easy for you!

When I’m not consulting people or writing blogs, you’ll find me glugging down beer and popping cheesy bacon popcorn with my friends.